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  • Consultancy
  • Fordesk
  • Scheduler
  • Consultancy

    Need an extra hand in your development team or want to improve your business flow and need assistance with the...

  • Fordesk

    A cloud based application for forwarders to manage their files from A to Z.

  • Scheduler

    Manage your agenda online and give your customers or patients the ability to create an appointment 24/7.

  • ERP

    This cloud application is created for the health care industry to follow up a patient file.

Manage your patient files...

Manage your patient files on any device. The only thing you need is internet. Local integrations are possible for DICOM images or ticket printing.

Have an overview of all patient visits and protocols. Integration with a RIS and DICOM storage is possible.

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A need for a new and more efficient forwarding system to create and track your files from quotation to invoicing. Integration with the Inttra platform, customs partners? Integrations to your accounting software? Diflexmo can help you!


Explore Our Solutions / Services

Easily manage your appointments from anywhereand give your clients the ability to create an appointment online.



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.NET developer(s), Junior system architect, First line support assistent, Junior tester applications