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Welcome to Diflexmo.
Your HaaS & SaaS solution provider for tomorrow's digital challenges!

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

What we do:
take you and your business to the next level with customised digital solutions.

We are an established operator in the world of IT and IoT both nationally and internationally. We are known for our integrated solutions. By configuring products we have designed ourselves, we can offer a fitting solution for specific needs and wishes.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Full solutions

A full solution is a different matter for everyone. This is only logical, as every company has its own unique facets, its own core values so therefore needs a company-specific IT solution.

We make a distinction between three areas in which we would like to be your HaaS/SaaS partner:

  • software
  • hardware 
  • IoT

One single field domain or a combination of a number of them? Diflexmo listens to your story and combines knowledge and expertise to provide the ultimate solution to your digital challenge.

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Level up your business

What are you up against? What issues stand in the way of your growth? Which business processes can be optimised and which ones have priority? But also: what is going well? What past changes have boosted your business?

These are just some of the questions we would like to know the answers to. Our strength in your story? Our expertise that goes beyond where others stop and a well thought-out mission and vision.

Sometimes entrepreneurs get so stuck in common procedures (or the lack of them) that they lose the clear picture completely. Diflexmo relishes working together with you on the issues. We will offer you the much-needed helicopter perspective and look at the whole situation objectively before assessing it. Only then will we succeed in our mission:  setting up, supporting and optimising existing or new business processes with the use of contemporary, user-friendly and intelligent technologies.

Such an objective, expert approach means we create structure in the already existing situation. Based on this clear information, business leaders make thoughtful, constructive decisions to minimise costs and risks at every stage of the IT lifecycle.

Ready for the next step?

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Before, now and later

Diflexmo’s roots are purely in software development.

Over the years we have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise within IoT. IoT is now inseparable from today's business world. Besides reliable, user-friendly software for the most diverse of purposes, IoT has become crucial to just about every company. Companies who do not want to miss the digitisation express train should think about well thought-out digitisation processes. IoT and AI are the indispensable links between all these processes. 

Diflexmo has understood this well. We are in the frontline of digital transformation, preparing small and large companies in a wide variety of sectors for the digital world of tomorrow.

Do you want to be fully digitally savvy.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Crystal-clear structure

Success stands or falls with the structure of this digital metamorphosis. If structures and processes are illogical or incomplete, business processes will suffer or staff will leave. In order to set up a crystal-clear, rock-hard digital structure tailored to the company and its needs, we have a team of experts each with their own specific field of expertise.

Our team is our greatest asset. They know and fully endorse the mission and vision of Diflexmo. One of the foundations of our mission is to provide maximum support for their personal development, both at and away from the company. At Diflexmo we also use a hybrid workspace: today's new normal.

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Working method

There is one crucial aspect to fully understand where your business needs and wants lie: listening actively.

By listening to your story and asking the right questions, our experts learn a lot about you, your company, your goals, wishes and needs. By obtaining all this information and also understanding where the pain points lie, we know perfectly well what we are going to work towards.

Using advanced graphic representations we ensure absolute transparency throughout the entire development process. Companies need a stable, reliable partner. To be this we use the latest greenfield technologies, hosted on 'always on', self-healing cloud software that guarantees 99.9% up-time.

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