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Teamwork as a Service.

Diflexmo means customized HaaS and SaaS to reduce business costs and risks and optimize business processes. At Diflexmo we believe that companies, both large and small, deserve maximum growth potential. By setting up an integrated IT customised solution, we will identify, assess, evaluate and optimise business processes to achieve business growth.

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Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Team Diflexmo

We have a whole team of experts at Diflexmo to support companies with such targeted IT solutions each and every day. Each team member has his or her own area of expertise.

For each project we determine the necessary expertise and put a specific team together.

Our team is our greatest asset. After each provide the brilliant solutions that we offer various companies.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

So to join this team you must meet certain criteria.


First and foremost our people know very well what they are doing. They are IT specialists in heart and soul, each with their own areas of expertise. So there is always someone who has the right solution for your IT challenge.



Passion, that is what drives all Diflexmo team members. Passion is indeed the fundament for work at the highest level.



We are a young, energetic company with an enthusiastic team. Every day we carry out the projects that make customers and their customers happy with our great passion for IT. Satisfied customers give us energy to become a better version of ourselves every day.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Tarek is the team lead of our Over-C platform. His insight and vision is driving this project to the next level. Meanwhile he provides guidance and leadership for his team members to achieve our vision while improving each individual’s skills and advancing their professional career like a true leader.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions
Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Samantha is the team lead of our Fordesk application. She’s an excellent problem solver and all around technical seasoned woman. She motivates her team members to take hold of responsibilities and guides them in completing them successfully. She’s an excellent motivator and leader.

Our management team creates an environment where goals and achievement are celebrated in a professional yet enjoyable manner. We do this by identifying the mission at hand, the necessary resources and tools need to complete the mission and taking into account the needs and wants of the people embarking on our journey.

Team Diflexmo

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Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Hybrid workspace

Because our people are our most precious resource, we are constantly looking for the best possible working conditions. A hybrid workspace is one part of this.

The way we work has indeed changed since the Corona age. We no longer see the company office as the only option where work takes place.

Our hybrid workspace helps us to drastically reduce our office footprint. How about the following benefits for the company, the environment and our people?

  • We are drastically reducing our fixed costs.
  • Employees are offered several options: working at home, in the office or possibly from a local coworking space.
  • Employees find an optimal work/life balance through their own choices.
  • Hot desking brings unprecedented flexibility. Less office space is required, and office planning or meeting room bookings run more smoothly.


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