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HaaS & SaaS solutions.

Companies of all sizes need efficient, automated business processes in order to further grow and develop. Diflexmo offers tailor-made IT solutions: no more and certainly no less. There are two standard packages that can be customised to meet any individual needs.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions


Freight forwarders or non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC) ensure that cargo is transported from A to B by ship or by air. Logical, so far. However, the freight forwarder also takes care among other things of completing the necessary documents, customs clearance, etc.

Freight forwarders therefore need specialised software to keep this flow properly on track.


Software must help them to:

  • manage all these processes
  • automate processes
  • keep an overview at all times
  • acquire insight into data  
  • eliminate human error or forgetfulness
Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Fordesk offers an accelerated and simplified flow for freight forwarders.


This includes the drawing up of quotations and invoices, integration with accounting packages, customs platforms, etc. Fordesk ensures operational efficiency from the first second.


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Edge Worldwide Lora gateway device

OVER-C is an innovative total IoT solution for communication on sea that provides bi-directional communication for any LoraWan supported end device, f.e. refrigerated containers on the largest ships. This communication takes place across various channels, both on land and at sea. OVER-C Edge is proprietary, custom-made hardware with technologies fully developed by ourselves.


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With Over-C companies are able to quickly and easily collect all kinds of accurate data to further optimise their use-case. This is done using sensors that communicate with cloud software developed by ourselves. Communication takes place through gateways.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

We would like to clarify this with some examples:

  • Seismic activity in the bridge industry: notifications for maintenance, etc.
  • Registering the number of hours a generator is running to determine when maintenance is required.
  • Reading sensors on a tank:
       - leak detection
       - determine the tank level for route optimisation and compliance with the VLAREM2 standard

In brief: the application possibilities are endless!

Finally, we also provide UX and visualisation. Here too everything is fully adaptable to your needs, wishes and preferences.

To sum up

Diflexmo is your all-in-one partner for setting up, refining and optimising your business processes.