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Doing business with vision.

Each and every entrepreneur knows exactly what he or she is doing. He or she knows the core business inside out and perfectly identifies the products or services offered.
However, what many entrepreneurs do not know, or know insufficiently, is why they do what they do. But this is a crucial key to success. Knowing why you do what you do is the formula for success for high quality products or services and a thriving business.

This is why we at Diflexmo have taken the time to reflect on this question and to study and develop it in detail. We would like to share the result with you. Our mission is the main motive for choosing Diflexmo as a HaaS/SaaS partner.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

What we do

Let us start with the simple part of our story.

In concrete terms, Diflexmo offers customised IT services: HaaS and SaaS. We create digital solutions, improvements and optimisation for small, medium-sized and large companies. We provide growth companies with effective, user-friendly and productive IT solutions to make existing and new business processes faster, easier and more efficient. We do this by providing the right hardware and software and deploying IoT and AI technology.

We are not tied to specific sectors. Although we initially started based on expertise in the maritime/logistics sector, today we build solutions across all industries.


Want to know more about our activities?

How we do

The next dimension in our story is the 'how'. How do we provide our range of services? In other words: how do we meet the customer's needs based on our offer and our expertise?


The answer to this question is largely in our name:


Digitalisation is the norm today and will be even more the case tomorrow. Diflexmo offers a digital answer to your challenges of tomorrow.


We live in a constantly changing environment. Standing still means going backwards. At Diflexmo a flexible response to acute questions or problems is a basic requirement for meeting increasingly ambitious customer demands.


Simple: IT is our passion. Diflexmo is your dedicated, reliable partner for your HaaS and SaaS project.

Diflexmo combines strong conceptual thinking with in-depth know-how and a practical mindset. Growth companies find a reliable, innovative, creative and enterprising IT partner in us.


Our core business is optimising the business flow at companies. It goes without saying that this is why we share our business flow with you.

Specific customer demands

Everything starts with the customer’s demands. If you do not yet have a detailed plan in mind, we will first ask the right questions in order to come to a concrete, clear picture with which we will set to work.



We analyse the demand in great detail and determine the possibilities and opportunities together with you.



On the basis of this analysis we draw up a specific, detailed and transparent quotation. What you see is what you get.

Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions
Diflexmo - SaaS and HaaS solutions

Approval of the quotation

If we get your approval we will start work straight away.


Close follow-up

At each stage of the flow you have access to a portal where you can consult the progress and status of the project. You follow each step from the front row.


Test phase

In the test phase it is your turn! Test fully and provide feedback, required adaptations, etc.


The test phase was a success? Then we will gladly and proudly deliver our customised work to you.



Neither do we leave you in the lurch after delivery. Do you have any subsequent questions or would you like certain adjustments or additions? We keep your HaaS or SaaS project fully tailored to your needs.


Why we do what we do

Why do we do what we do? In other words: Diflexmo's mission.

Diflexmo’s mission is to reduce or eliminate business costs and risks by integrating smart IT optimisation processes. We eliminate complexity and dependency within IT environments and resolutely opt for circularity and the optimal use of existing resources.

Our vision is that companies of all sizes deserve maximum growth potential by establishing an appropriate, integrated IT environment in which business processes are identified, assessed, evaluated and optimised.

Do you share our vision or would you like look deeper into it? We would like to welcome you at our office for a pleasant introduction.