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What do today's forwarders want?

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Oct 11th, 2022

A survey has shown that forwarders in general need a simple and intuitive system that is comprehensive (especially for the smaller companies). That is, from start to finish (email to accounting and even customs) everything should be in there. It must take into account the many variables present in the forwarding market. Including customer information, where transportation is, costs, revenues, etc. It is clear that people want a standard capstan that has a lot in it, but with individualization.

Individual modifications and additions should be easy to make. APIs and links are also important, such as accounting and customs. Another important point is the presence of all necessary legal documents and templates in the system. 

That's why we brought Fordesk to the market. This service includes everything and more to help forwarders get started.

What do today's forwarders want?